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Industrial Measuring Instrument
APPLICABLE INDUSTRY Precision electronics│Molding machines│LCD│LED│IC│PCB
The Precision Measurement Instrument Department develops advanced instruments and equipment for the precision machinery industry, including 3D and optical calibration, non-contact inspection, automation, high-speed measurement devices, personal computers, and software applications. Our goal is to create a production environment that integrates product inspection and statistical control, resulting in high-quality, efficient, and high-yield manufacturing processes.
CNC & Loading system
X-ray inspection
Metrology Service
Metallographic Microscope
Measuring Systems
Major Industries
PCB Industry
IC Industry
LF/Connector Industry
Mold & Lens Industry
Application Domain
IC Test and Package
Mold Machinery
Our Products
Observation / Measuring instrument
Wafer Loader
Nikon iNEXIV
VMA - 6555
Nikon VMZ - 3020
System Integration Ability
Microscope + CCD + image capture and analysis software
Cleanliness Analysis System
Large stage customized automatic metallographic measuring microscope